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About us:   TDE- Technical Diving Equipment.

The number of technical divers is increasing nowadays. The high level of knowledge in diving and the peculiarities of deep and cave diving entail the increased requirements for the equipment.
The experienced divers facewith the problem of the lack of necessary characteristics of the equipment. The main feature of TDE company is the fact, that our specialistsdo not copy the known elements of the equipment, but try to invent something new and really good.
Since 2009 the specialists of TDE company have been producing the goods adapted to the requirements of technical divers. The use modern materials and improved models. During this short period of time we have won confidence and respect among the specialists in the sphere of technical diving.
The advantages of TDE equipment are recognized not only by the amateur divers,but also by the professionals in this field. In 2013 the company TDE was ordered to produce the diving  equipment for the national Russian team which is recognized as theworld leader in this kind of  sport. We highly appreciate it.

Head of our company -Baykov Sergey is considered to be qualified specialist in the field of diving. Being an experienced technical and cave diver and instructor and having an active teaching practice, he tests all the technical innovations of the company personally. Sergey has contributed much to the development of the company and to the appearanceof its unique innovations.
In future, the company TDE is going to keep the rate of growth, giving people the opportunity to dive longer, safer and more comfortable!